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City history

Abnoba | Church music | Black Forest Railway

Religious stone carvings found at a local Danube spring has traced St.Georgen’s earliest history back to the Celtic period. In the 11th century, the city developed a long-running relationship with music as it was taught as one of „Seven Liberal Arts“ at the St. George Abbey. Around 1850, the main road crossing central Black Forest was rerouted to Triberg and St. Georgen. The construction of the Black Forest Railway in the 1870s, considered as an engineering marvel then, facilitated St. Georgen’s transition into a flourishing hub for the clock and apparatus industry in the second half of the 19th century. Up until the First World War, numerous nationally renowned factories were able to establish in the city due to favorable topography and the railway connection.


Our neighborhood, “Monastery Hill”

The “Lapidarium” behind the Klostereck contains remnants of the former early Benedictine monastery as well as the mystical Dreigötterstein (“three-god stone”). The German Phono Museum at the town square, the Local History Museum “Schwarzes Tor” and the “Grässlin” Art Collection are within 5-minute walk. The Klosterweiher, a natural swimming lake, and the closest forest entry are reachable within 10 minutes on foot.

You may also enjoy…

The Schwarzwald-Baar-Kreis, of which St. Georgen is part, offers a diverse portfolio of points of interest. Our carefully-curated map of to-go-places will be provided on your arrival.


Craft & Industries

From ceramic and straw weaving, to forestry and precision engineering, the Black Forest’s innovative spirits and love of traditions can be experienced in the multiplicity of monumental buildings, museums, and production sites.


Nature & Mysticism

Springs, lakes, and trees, the idyllic backdrop of the Black Forest needs no further elaboration. Besides their aesthetic and healing qualities, many natural monuments are tied to myths, rituals, and sanctity.

All at your doorstep

Whether you are up for an energetic, adventurous day trip, or rather spend an idle, calm day in town, the strategically-located Klostereck offers you the ease and flexibility to travel entirely at your own pace.

in und um herum – in and around